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Cancer SUCKS

I now have a PhD in Vampire 

February 6, 2014


My sister has been spending nights with my Mom and she's also 6 1/2 months pregnant.  A few days ago, she texted me and my other sister that she needed help at night.  My Mom is now on a higher dose of morphine, can't get out of bed to use the bathroom, and has started to hallucinate.  I told her that I could spend the night last night but wouldn't be over until after my girl's dinner.  Well, at girl's dinner, I get a call from my sister that my Mom fell and she couldn't get her up.  I rushed out of dinner and to my Mom's house as fast as I could...

Lung Cancer SUCKS!  (Part I)

January 2013

UGH!  I can't believe that the last time I blogged was back in September 2012.  A lot has gone on since then with Mom's lung cancer.  I'm going to try and do my best to recap the last 6 months...
It all started when Mom was complaining that she was having trouble breathing in August 2012.  My sister Jenni took her to the emergency room where they did a chest x-ray and found that she had plurel effusion ...

My Breast Cancer Journey
July  2012

Back in 2008, I created a website to share my story with other young women affected by breast cancer.  Due to some technical difficulties, that website’s content was erased, and now I have to start from scratch – BOOOOO!.  But as I start to write my story over, 4 years have past and a lot has happened in my life.  So this version will be much different.  I was diagnosed with Stage I breast cancer in 2006, just two weeks before by big “Dirty 30″ birthday.  

And so the story goes…..

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