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The Vitality Tap Commitment to Excellence affords our customers a distinct level of confidence that they’re receiving only the very best when visiting our Health & Wellness Bars.  Our specialty juices and signature cleanses are made with organic produce that is fresh, raw and locally-sourced.  We have an extensive offering of the world’s finest exotic superfoods known to have tremendous benefits to your health.  As health innovators, our product development team seeks out the latest research in an effort to educate ourselves and our customers about the health benefits of juice cleansing, and to ensure that we have the most impactful products on the market.  



Detox & Cleanse Your Body


The Vitality Tap Signature Cleanses were designed with you in mind. Developed by trained nutritionists and health experts, our Superfood-dense detoxes further specific health and wellness goals. Our cleanses are always fresh, raw, cold-pressed and locally sourced. They are 100% natural and contain no added sugar, water, artificial colors or sweateners. But they're not just nutritious, they're also DELICIOUS!


Why do a cleanse? This is a common question that we are asked by first time cleansers. If you're like most of us, you probably live a busy lifestyle always on the go. Even if you're eating relatively healthy, the environment around you is constantly introducing harmful toxins into your body that can make you feel tired, bloated and unhealthy. Our cleanses are designed to detoxify, and leave you feeling revitalized, energized and feeling great


Did you know that your body uses 65% of its energy just to digest the food that you consume on a regular basis? In fact, it can take 15-17 hours for your body to digest a single meal fully. That means your digestive system is working literally around the clock to process the food. A 3-day JUICE FEAST cleanse contains 50 lbs of fruits and vegetables, much more than you would consume normally. However, we've done the work of extracting the nutrition from the fiber, making it far easier to process and giving your digestive system a much needed break. 


We have three distinct cleanses in our offering, ranging from Level I to Level III in terms of difficulty. If you're a first-timer, we recommend that you start with our Level I: JUICE FEAST. If you're experienced, you can jump right to our Level III: GREENS FEAST. Challenge yourself, but set realistic goals that you can achieve.  More info:  VITALITY TAP - Detox & Cleanses



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