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The LiveLifeSHREDDED MOVEMENT is open to anyone who has a passion for our mission of improving the quality of one's life and the lives of others!


The LiveLifeSHREDDED movement was created to inspire healing in the mental, physical, and social health of those who have been affected by cancer. 


Each donation or purchase of our SHRED GEAR will give us the opportunity to help those battling cancer by providing services for day-to-day errands, transportation, daycare, and subsidize medical costs for both the Warrior and their family.



       Events for Causes


D-Lux Events is dedicated in “Creating Events for Causes”.  We unite San Diego based charities and local businesses  to create a truly unique event that benefits everyone involved!

Everyone on our staff is a non-paid Volunteer.  Because of our volunteer’s  passion to give back to the San Diego community,  D-Lux Events has become what we are today – an organization dedicated to helping non-profits fundraise for their cause.

We believe that with our help, local non-profits will receive more exposure resulting in more participation and donations allowing them to carry on their missions.

For more information on how we can help your non-profit or how to get involved with our organization, you can email or call us:



The Live Well Project



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