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Lets face it, life is BUSY and I don't have time during a week night to cook fancy elaborate I opt for quick easy and HEALTHY ones that I can throw in the oven or pan and call it a day!  I hope these recipes give you a few extra minutes or even hours back at night to "relax".  My recipes are geared towards Fitness Competition meals - so they are sure to be more on the less salty side.


Oh, and they make for great leftovers to take with you for lunch the next day!  ENJOY! ;)  ~Meeshie



For more QUICK, EASY & HEALTHY recipes,


where I am the official RECIPE BLOGGER!

Honey Mustard Chicken w/Brown Rice & Veggie

Sweet Potatoes

Chicken Stir Fry w/Brown Rice & Veggies

Baked Salmon w/CousCous & Salad

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