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Girls Gone Auto ;p

This morning on the way to work I passed by a car that had a flat tire with three...yes, THREE DUDES huddling around it. Two were standing on the side while the tow truck guy was changing the tire.

I thought to myself..."WTF??? Between those two dudes, they couldn't change the damn tire???"

I remembered when I got my first car at 16 (yes, spoiled brat) and my Dad MADE ME learn how to change the tire. Because I wasn't strong enough to remove the lug nuts with the short bar, he goes "Use your head, girl. Get a long metal pipe that you can attach to the end of this bar so that you have more leverage to help you take off the nuts". (I'll never forget that day LOL).

Come to think of it, he even taught me how to drain the radiator fluid, showed me where all the other liquids go like windshield wipers, power steering fluid, and once time made me change my own oil...which after that day I swore I would never do again. Oil is nasty and smelly. I'm a girl.

Each time I got a new car, I would open the hood and try to figure out where everything was, so at least I would know in case of an emergency - even practicing how to change its tire. Not sure why when I got Kiana Kia (my "mommy car") I have not changed the tire yet. Probably because I can easily just use road-side assistance and not get dirty. Plus, the tires on this SUV are way bigger than the tires on my little bing-bing racer that I use to have.... <sigh> I miss that damn car. Was sporty, fast, handled and hugged the road like a glove... #tangent

This one time (in band camp...kidding), I was driving with my friend Jenn and we got a flat tire. As we sat there laughing (not sure why) I go, "Well, I'm not going to sit here waiting for someone to stop, I'm going to change the tire!" I just remember the look on her face, "What? No, stay in the car, you'll get run over!" BAHAHHAHAAAA! As she would say, "bless her heart". LOL.

As soon as I got out of the car, a black limo sedan pulled up and a woman popped out and asked us if we needed help. Needless to say, SHE changed the tire!

Any hoot...Ladies - get my drift here? It's good to at least know SOMETHING about the car you are driving JUST IN CASE! ;)

Now I'm off to figure out how to change the tire on Kiana and figure out how to lift the big ass tire out of the back...

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