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RIP Brittany Maynard

When I first heard I had cancer back in 2006, I honestly for a split second thought "OMG, I'm going to die". I was one of the LUCKY ones that caught my disease in its early stages and was able to go through chemo and survive it.

When I got the news from my mom that she had stage IV TERMINAL lung cancer in September 2012 - I KNEW she was going to end up dying from was just a matter of "when".

I watched her SUFFER through chemo, through the repeated thoracentesis (a process where they stick a needle through her back into the lungs to drain the fluid so she could breathe), through bed sores and barely being able to walk or eat.

We are all technically "dying"...just at different paces. HOW we CHOOSE to LIVE should be our own basic human right. I CHOOSE to LIVE positively given my second chance. But there are those that are VERY sick, ill, and living with such great PAIN. They don't have a choice how they can live because they are barely surviving...the only "choice" they seem to have at that "point" is how they can "choose" to die.

Just my opinion.

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