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Happy New Year! More in 2015!

Happy New Year! More in 2015!

I’m so excited to be ringing in 2015 with all of you! I’ve been your Recipe Blogger in 2014 and this year I’m taking on a bigger role with No Excuse Mom. 2015 is going to have more healthy recipes, different comfort foods with a healthy twice, and “How Tos” (such as hosting a healthy kids party, play dates and various events).

january 2015 challenge - updated.png

For the month of January, we are launching a nation wide NEM Regional contest!
Here’s how it works:
  • Find out which region you are located in by visiting

  • Take a pic of you working out and be sure to post on our No Excuse Mom Facebook page with the following hashtags:

  • #NoExcuseMom

  • #NEM

  • #NEMRegion xx (enter your region number in the xx)

  • If you are a NEM Regional Leader, also hastag: #noexcusemomleader

  • Contact your local NEM Regional or Local Leader for more info or if you have any questions

Once January is over, we’ll be reviewing all the posts by filtering on your hashtags to determine the following individuals for:
  • Best workout

  • Member with the MOST workouts

  • Great Member Story

  • Region with the most posts

So DON’T FORGET TO Hashtag the list above in your posts! And YES! There will be PRIZES!!! YAY!!!
If you have a RECIPE that you’d LOVE to SHARE with other NEMs, please send them my way! You can email me at:
Be sure to include:
  • Pics

  • Step by Step instructions

  • You can also send a short video!

Let’s get started TODAY!
Fit & Fab,
~ Meeshie ;)

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