Cyber Completeness

So this week has probably been the most productive week I’ve had in a while. Besides putting out a few fire drills at work on our 2013 budget, I managed in my spare time to pull together all of my various websites and blogs into one cyber-place! My old “Meeshie” website was originally started because I wanted to have a site where other women going through breast cancer could go to read my story. Not sure when it was that I asked myself “Is it really necessary to devote a whole website to breast cancer?” I mean, it doesn’t define who I am.

I have all these various pieces of my life that were scattered all around and I’ve been yearning to put the puzzle together. And as of today, I can say that I feel about 95% complete. Kind of weird that having my new “Meeshie” website can make me feel this way…but it does.

I admit - I am borderline addicted to technology that keeps me posted to social media. My life is timelined at least 4-5 times a day. I created a FB page for my Mom and Maddox has had once since he was born. My whole family is on FB and all my friends. Well, with the exception of Tiba - who I am still on a mission to convert. LOL!!! If I think up of a group, I create a FB page for it…like our FITNESS FANATICS (70 members) and HOOKAS TO MAMAS (30 mamas). Hmmm, what other groups can I create??? (Kidding - not really…TEEHEE)

Now that I have my pieces all together, I can start blogging at least once a week. Blogging is like therapy…just as running is like therapy. Ugh, pattern here? Maybe I just need therapy…HA! ;)

I’m just glad that I finished one project on my List of Sh*t to Get Handled in 2013!

Now if GoDaddy will just stop repointing my old site to the old domain and point it to the new one!!! GOOD GRIEF how long does a change take these days???


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