Lucy the Lump: Update #3

OK Peeps!

I know you all have been calling to see how I did on the first day of Boot Camp! Thank YOU all for all the calls and concerns…here, let me brief you on the first day:

  • The doctor gave me 2 types of chemo drugs: 1) Adramiacin & 2) Taxotere

  • (I get to pee orange!)

  • It took about 3 hours – had a lesson on everything as well, thanks to Jenni and Megs being there for me to take 4 pages of notes!!!

  • I am also on a steroid to help with strength and anti-nausea meds

  • Last night I was a little nauseous and have a series of medications to take…the 1st one didn’t wok, so took the 2nd one…thank goodness it worked cuz the 3rd one would have been a suppository! EWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!

  • Woke up once in the middle of the night nauseous but went back to bed

Today I have another appt to get a Lipator shot – this will help increase my white blood cell. Side affect is that my bones will ache! But…that’s ok…as my nurse quoted: “I’ll give you some narcotics” woohooo for me! LOL :)

I am feeling ok today…and should for another day…it’s after the steroid gets out of my system is when I will start getting tired.

I will keep you all posted! Miss you all and see you soon!

Hugs n’ kisses,

-Meeshie ;)

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