Parking in between the lines

I know that “staying inside the lines” seems like an outdated saying…unless you’re Carrie who likes Mr. Big to “color outside the lines”. But we don’t live in NYC.

I don’t understand why people feel that parking closer to one side of the line is ok….OR parking on the line is suppose to help your car get less dinged. Maybe because it’s sooo early in the damn morning that people are still tired when they get to work and so they can’t even see the bright white lines that have been painted on every parking lot area in America….hmmm…

There are some parking lots where I’d like to find the parking lot line painter person and ask what sort of measuring tape they are using…ask them if they think they live in Europe where everyone drives a mini-cooper. Last time I checked we live in the USA where cars are big and people are a tad bit more “big boned” than our French counterparts.

I literally drove around my work parking lot this morning trying to find a decent parking space where:

  1. A space where one car wasn’t parked near or on the line

  2. I could park and not have the other two cars hit my BLING BLING KIA “Mommy Car” Sorento when they decide to get in theirs

  3. I could actually get out of my car without hitting the car next to me

  4. The space wasn’t crammed up against some pole

Needless to say, I found a parking spot and as I parked I opened my driver side door to be sure that I was right in the middle to avoid all possibilities stated above. Great…Now I had to still hold the door as I SQUEEZED my slender frame out of the car so the person who was sitting inside my office building (who you know is watching me out their office window to see if I’m going to bump my door up against their car) wouldn’t come out screaming at me.

Phew, finally made it out without making a scratch on either cars. Now have to slide through toward the back and out behind the car just to turn the other way and slide back in between the cars to open the back door to get my laptop and purse out. Again, holding the door so I don’t bang it against the other car.

<SIGH> Good Morning! ;p