I officially started potty training last Friday and for the most part it has been going well. Maddox has gotten the hang of telling me when he has to pee-pee and poo-poo. There are times however, where he tells me he want to pee-pee but as quick as I sit him on the toilet, he’s quicker to say, “No, pee Mommy, down”.

This morning did not start out like our usual HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY day. Maddox woke up at 5am crying out for “MOMMY!” in which I brought him to my bed to sleep for just one more hour. Of course he loves to push up against me causing me to lay on my side almost falling off my bed. By 6am it was time to get up and get ready for work. Maddox loves to sit on the bathroom counter top and watch me get ready asking, “What are you doing Mommy? What’s that Mommy? Ohhh, Mommy is putting on her makeup!”

I change him out of his night diaper and put on his Thomas the Train under-roos and take him downstairs for our breakfast. ”Mommy, Thomas the Train” which is his way of asking me to turn on his Thomas the Train DVD for him. I turn it on, and grab him a banana to eat.

"Mad, do you have to go pee-pee?"

"No, Mommy" he replies.

But of course after handing him his banana, he tells me, “Mommy! Pee-Pee!”

We go into the bathroom, I pull down his under-roos, sit him on the toilet and his ritual kicks in…"No pee-pee Mommy, down". I take him off the Sesame Street toilet seat cover and put his under-roos back on. We head back out to the living room and sure enough, "Mommy! Pee-Pee!" So we head back to the bathroom, pull down the under-roos, place him on top of the toilet seat, and he wiggles back off.

"Mommy, underwear! Shorts!"

"Maddox, do you have to pee-pee? You haven’t gone yet this morning, let’s try and go".

"NO!!!" as he’s holding his wee-wee crossing his legs.

"Yes, you want to stand up and pee-pee like Daddy?"

"NO! Sit down!"

"Ok" and I try to sit him back down - and of course, he wants to get off. We do this LITERALLY for about 6-7 times. Each time I walk back out to the kitchen to get things ready for our nanny who is about to arrive in 10 minutes so I can fight the 5south traffic to work.

Each time he doesn’t pee, he jumps up and down crying as I leave the bathroom.

"Maddox, if you’re not going to pee, Mommy is going to turn off Thomas the Train" (Yes, I’ve now threatened my kid with a cartoon)

Crying and screaming and crying and screaming…jumping up and down as tears stream down his rosy cheeks, clear snot bubbling around his nose.

"Mad, you keep telling Mommy you have to pee then you get off the toilet. OK. No more Thomas".

"Mommy!!! Thomas! Thomas! I go pee! I go pee!" Well, he doesn’t end up going pee, and once again, I leave the bathroom as he follows me out crying hysterically trailing at my heels around the house crying out "Mommy!!!!!!!"

That’s when I hear it…the change in his cry, yell….whatever it was he was doing…he looks straight at me and yells “Mommy! PEE-PEE!” We rush back into the bathroom, I prop him back up on the toilet and he looks down at his wee-wee and BAM! A stream of pee-pee comes flowing out! I swear every time that kid pees it’s like heaven’s light shining through the dark gray clouds!

"YAY Maddox!!! You did it! You pee-peed!" I yell in excitement like he’s just won the Heisman trophy.

"Mommy!!! I did it!" he screams back with the biggest smile on his face!

"Doesn’t that feel much better???"

"Yay, I did it!"

As soon as I get his under-roos and shorts back on. Our nanny Marie arrives with Grayson. Maddox runs over to say ‘Hi”. Kimo (our Yorkie-Maltise dog) runs over as well. Happy Happy Joy Joy!

The boys are running towards the stairs to play, Kimo right behind them. Maddox stops, Kimo keeps going…going…going…going right under Maddox’s legs…knocks him off his feet….and we have a CRIER AGAIN.

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