What you can do in just 1 week...

I survived the Carlsbad Marathon, even after a “Mommy Night Out” on that Friday, taking care of a sick kid on Saturday, including myself, and then running the marathon in 5 hours 12 minutes…not too shabby. Well, two weeks have gone by and besides not workiing out…this last week has been quite eventful.

Last Friday, thanks Wendy, I was on a stand-by flight to Vegas for my best friend Heather’s wedding. It was a small quaint one with only family and a few close friends. We stayed at the Venetian but got upgraded to the Palazzo! YAY! The wedding was sooooooo perfect! I tell everyone that “he’s the one”.

Vegas is like my second home town. I lived there for three years while “attending” UNLV. I did not get the perfect attendance award. I literally flunked out of that school and ended up moving to L.A. but that’s a whole other story and journey. Whenever I go back to visit, I’m amazed at how it’s changed and I’m no longer VIP status…which makes me sad. However, when you go back with a HOT group of Peeps…you’re bound to get into a club here and there ;)

The wedding was on Saturday, followed by dinner, a short walk to TAO night club, complete with drinking and a ton of dancing. As the night went on…I remember walking back my friend to her room, hanging out in Heather’s room, meeting a cool local, drinks at the hotel bar with Aussies, then back at my room - NO idea what time. The next thing I know I hear “Meeshie!!! Get up! We need to get to the airport now or we’re going to miss our flight!” Craig screamed at me.

UGH!!! I think I still have a buzz going as I throw all my crap into my Hello Kitty suitcase - or maybe the feeling came from LACK OF SLEEP. ”Where’s my LV purse? I can’t find it! SH*T! Maybe I left it at the bar downstairs???” I scramble around the room, tossing the sheets in the air and crawling on the floor. ”C’mon, we have to go!” Shouts Craig once more. ”OK, I’m coming…we need to stop at security” I mumble.

Of course, no one turned in my purse…damn. Thank gawd I had my ID in my ‘going out’ purse so I could at least get on my flight - which by the way I was still flying standby!!! That’s why I needed to get there early in hopes some tourist had just as much fun as I did and is still passed out in their bed…or on the bathroom floor.

I’m running behind so tell Craig to go and I’ll just catch my own cab. My own $35 one way price cab. With NO LUCK at finding my purse, I hop in a cab and head to the airport arriving at 7:15am - plenty of time to check-in and fly standby for the 8:30am flight, right? WRONG! Not only did I NOT get on the 8:30am flight, I also did NOT get on the 9:40am flight. Seriously? I’m partly buzzed, needed food and water, and now have to wait two hours for the 11:55am flight on stand-by. OMG… I just want to GET HOME!

I texted Heather that I didn’t make either flight. I then get a call: ”Teague’s Dad just got Maudi and can swing by the airport and pick you up if you want to drive back to San Diego with them?” I didn’t even have to bat an eyelash. ”YES! I’ll wait outside baggage!!!” There was no way I was going to wait two hours and chance not getting on the next flight home…at this rate I could be stuck in the Vegas airport all day! A sense of relief overcame my body as I saw Phil pull up and Maudi smiling at me from the front seat. I hop in the back and off we drove. BYE BYE second home town…see you soon.

The drive home was a very quiet one. Maudi and I in and out of restless sleep while Phil jammed out to top 40 hits…which he knew the words to…so freakin’ cute! I realize that I have no car or house keys…great. My car is at airport parking…I hope the garage door is not locked…and hoping I can at least borrow my sister’s car for the night.

Pit stop for gas, two tacos from Hack in the Sack, then back on the road. Meanwhile, I’m playing phone tag with the security people at Palazzo. Another missed call…check message: ”Ms. Nguyen, we have your purse and wallet, please give us a call back if you want to pick it up or if you want us to mail it to you”. OMG OMG OMG! I actually had some karma left over in my karma jar!!! Thought I used it all up! Guess not! ;)

Phil drops me off at my sister’s house where I pick up Bianca Beemer and head home. By now it’s 3:30pm and I’m so tired and smell like an ashtray. I muster up the energy to take a shower then plop my arse on the couch. The only time I got up was to cook a thin crust CPK pizza because I HAD to put some food in my body. I really wanted Panda Express, but couldn’t bare the thought of getting in my car to drive down the street to pick it up. I ate one tiny slice of pizza, caught up on my TiVo shows, then headed to bed by 8:30pm only to watch Twilight until 10:00pm then finally passed out.

Monday came faster that I’d like…but pealed myself off the bed and headed into work. First stop, McDonald’s for a fried hash brown and a sausage egg Mc Muffin, complete with an OJ. I brought the leftover pizza minus one slice into work for lunch. Which by the way, I didn’t end up eating and some co-worker ATE IT and left me ONE slice! Can’t wait to blog about that story!

My morning was spent calling Kia to see how long it would take to make a key for my car - 10 minutes??? Sold for $56. Left work, drove to Kia, got key made, drove to Mom’s house, dropped off Bianca Beemer, drove with my Asian-Driver-Like Mom, paid $36 for parking, then had a sushi bento box lunch with Mom - who told me about her Hawaii trip and her new business - Bonzai Trees online. ;p

There was no gym Monday, Tuesday (1st Montessori school visit), Wednesday.

Wednesday…such an eventful day in itself. My second Montessori school visit - where the Director made fun of my clipboard piled with my tour checklist and printed pamphlets. Thanks to my ORGF Dawn, I finally made that appointment with Kari - the short haircut specialist to CHOP CHOP my hair. Butterflies and a good nervousness all around.

But that was quickly subsided when I got the text from my nanny: Maddox has had a 100-101.4 temperature today.

Being my first child…EVERY THING is taken with the utmost caution. I rushed over to the nanny’s to grab him…of course when I got there, his temperature broke so drove him to his Dad’s house.

I was still able to make it to Girl’s night…I <3 girls night…a night where we can finally catch up over a glass of wine and some good food in our yoga pants. A tradition that we’ve been doing for years…

Thursday was super busy at work…forecast due, my headcount was off, SAP reports running slower than snail speed. I seriously wish I had four computers so I could work more efficiently! Got to at least workout at the Meat Market (aka: UTC Super Sport) with Felicia in TKB. Day flew by…time to meet Boz and Kiki at Dawn’s house for a quick run before my CHOP CHOP session!

Drum roll please!!!!!!! CHOP CHOP CHOP CHOP…snip snip snip snip! The Meeshie Faux Hawk has arrived! Thanks to Kari - the short hair expert and the support of the bestest friends a girl could ask for: Dawn, Tom, Craig, and Kim. There are more…but I didn’t tell them about this last minute decision.

New DO:

Followed by an Singles Awarness Day (2/14/13) Dinner with the rest of the Peeps…

To top off the day…I get home and there is a package waiting for me on the door step…MY PURSE!!! The Palazzo had my purse delivered back to me in less than three days! WOOHOOO! What a great way to end an AWESOME Thursday! ;)

….And so now it’s Friday afternoon…and I’ve managed to do my hair this AM and STILL LOVIN’ IT! :)

Almost quitin’ time…time to pick up my little man Maddox and watch his expression when he sees Mommy’s new hair. However, not sure he will react so surprised. Like I said…I wear it back ALL THE DAMN TIME to the point that when he sees it down, he actually says “Mommy, hair!” and pets me like I’m a llama.

Tomorrow is the start of a new weekend and new adventures…starting out with driving up to Los Angeles with Maddox after swim class to visit my friend, her husband, and new 6 month baby girl - who I have not seen in over 5-6 years…

I need to write my congress person about seeing if we can have 10 days in a week instead of seven.

What are the odds??? Slim to none.

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