Lucy the Lump: Update #1

My Peeps!

The surgery on Monday went well. I have 2 incisions: 1 on the top of the left nipple and a 3inch laceration under my left arm. Lucy ended up being 1.6cm – bigger than what they thought. My lymph nodes came back NEGATIVE – so that’s great news! However, since my tumor was so close to the surface of my skin, they couldn’t get a clear margin (meaning, a boarder without any signs of cancer). SO, Monday I will go back in so that Dr. Cheryl Olson can take some skin…it should only look like I got a mole removed. :)

Lucy the lump has been sent to the lab for lots of testing. I have ductal carcinoma in-situ at an aggressive stage – I am hoping for NO CHEMO, however, it’s looking like I might have to go through it for a short period of time and then radiation because I am so young and my doctor wants to get all the cards in my favor. However, no diagnosis has been given yet until next week. So let’s keep our fingers crossed!

Other News!!! My family got me a puppy last night! He is 8weeks old and is ¾ Yorkie and ¼ Maltise…his name is Kimo-Sabe (get it??? Chemo??? LOL ) He will be my chemo partner – to sit and cuddle with me!!!

To my Hookas – GIVE YOURSELF BREAST EXAMS the week AFTER your “monthly visitor”!!! Since I found out that I got breast cancer, you wouldn’t believe how many YOUNG women have also been diagnosed at such an early age. I don’t want any of you to have to go through this! So prevention and early detection is SO IMPORTANT!!! (ok, that was my lesson of the day…heehee J)

Thank you all for your calls…I hope that this email will give you more insight on what’s going on with your Meeshie! I’m doing well and hangin’ in there…and couldn’t be as strong as I am without all of my PEEPS!!!

I will be sending another email next week once I get the lab results and treatment diagnosis!

Love you all,


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