Lucy the Lump: Update #6

Hey Peeps!

Well, I didn’t send out an update on Boot Camp #3…but here’s a recap:

  • Lost my taste buds – I could only really taste eggs and fruit L

  • Feet and hands were super sensitive…thank goodness for Vicodin!!! :)

  • Was a bit more tired

  • I wasn’t able to go to the gym since I really had no energy

  • Lost a little weight…(not trying to though)

My LAST Boot Camp treatment was on June 28th!!! It was a hard once since the doctor’s made me wait 3 weeks in between the last one since I was having pain in my feet and hands. So, to go back in after feeling a little better and sit there for 3 hours as they pump all those toxic drugs into my system really SUCKED! However…can we all say I AM DONE WITH CHEMO????????

(cocktail please???!!!) ;-p

All I am really doing now is riding out these next few weeks – have to let the “side affects” and “symptoms” take its course. Still can’t taste my food – eggs taste bad now…so on a fruit diet!!! SIKE! J/K! :)

So, what’s next???

Well, I start RADIATION on July 17th…I go in everyday for about 15-20 minutes so they can “ZAP” the area where the cancer tumor was residing. I will do this for about 6 ½ weeks (wonder if I get gas reimbursement). Side affects are skin irritation and fatigue (like I need to be any more tired)…LOL! I will also start my cycle of Herceptin, which is administered every 3 weeks, through and IV at 1 hour for a YEAR. Side affects??? None – so they tell me.

That’s about all for now! I am just working and trying to get my energy back so my mushy “arse” can get back into the gym and start working out. I KNOW, I KNOW, I will be starting out slowly…as slowly as my A-D-D self will let me!!! :)

I’ve seen many of you over the last few weeks – THANK YOU for all the support and good wishes…Every day I tell myself how lucky I am to be surrounded by such loving peeps like yourselves!!! (ok, that’s all the mushiness you get…heehee)

Lots of hugs n’ kisses,


p.s. better take some pics of my BALD arse HEAD…cuz this OSTRICH is going to turn back into a “MINK COAT”

(that was for you guys: Casteel, Jordon, and Megs :)

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