A Family Picture of Co-Parenters

Today I got an email from Maddox’s school updating parents about the week. In the email, it asked:

"If you haven’t already, PLEASE bring in a family photograph of you (parents), your child and their sibling(s). Preferably size: 4x6"

For a split milli-second I got a sinking pit in my stomach when I saw the word “family” on my computer screen. I never want Maddox to feel like he is the kid in the class that has a Mommy and a Daddy that are not together that don’t live under the same roof. I strive EVERY DAY to address his feelings or any other thoughts or wonders he might have about me and his Daddy not being together.

Like the other day when Maddox goes, “Where’s Daddy and ‘Sally’???” (We’ll name Daddy’s new GF as “Sally” to protect the innocent).

I responded with, “Daddy and Sally are working - you will see them tomorrow and you can give them both big hugs and lots of kisses!”

I try and make the drop-off and pick-up transitions easy, tension-less, and semi-fun…LOL ;p I never want Maddox to ever feel that Mommy and Daddy don’t get along or are fighting…it’s hard enough as it is for him to go back and forth from my home to his Dad’s…two beds, two sets of clothes, two homes to have to acclimate to every few days.

I am fortunate that Maddox’s dad wants the same things for Maddox as I do. We constantly are working to make co-parenting easy on Maddox. Don’t get me wrong, I’m sure there are times when his Dad mumbles under his breath at me…as I do him…but we keep those things to ourselves…or to the friends that get to hear us vent. THANK YOU FRIENDS! ;)

I’m a picture-taker, it’s in my Asian genes…HAHHAA! And so every chance I get to take a pic of me, Ryan, and Maddox together…I do! Sometimes I think Ryan rolls his eyes at me - but I know that once he sees the pic and how happy Maddox looks in them, he’s thankful. ;)

So later today, I will be running to a Rite-Aid to print out the pics that I’ve taken of the three of us thus far in 2013 so Maddox can bring them to school this week and hopefully be PROUD to show off his “family”.

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