An Inspirational Mom: Kim Dolan Leto

Before I ever was a Mommy I would see these Moms running around town with their kids - FIT AS CAN BE! I remember only hoping that after I had a kid (or two?) that I would be able to maintain some sort of fitnees routine. You’ll be amazed at what you can do with the right time management and a some help from the Dad. As you all know, I am a single Mom but am fortunate to have a good relationship with Maddox’s Dad who loves his son and wants to spend time with him.

On the days/nights I don’t have Maddox, I use them to my advantage and schedule workouts during that time. On weekend runs Maddox just comes right along with me. I never run more than 90 minutes with him in the running stroller - heck, I’d even get bored sitting for that long! And this regimine actually works!

So who is this Kim Dolan Leto person? She’s a fitness mom who inspires me that I can do it being as busy as I am! I was fortunate to be featured on her website in her “11 Inspirational Moms” blog! :) Now don’t get it twisted…I’m NO FITNESS MODEL MOMMY! But my goal is just to get in MY OWN best physical shape. It was so awesome to see other Moms overcome their personal fitness obstacles to obtain their goals and I’m honored to be among them!

Here’s the story:

Thanks Kim for inspiring other Mommies!

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